Free Preview – Dragons Realm

A Bad Start

“Hey, Fart-face!”

Uh oh. The Thompson twins are lounging against a fence as you leave the corner store – Bart, Becks, and Bax. They’re actually the Thomson triplets, but they’re not so good at counting, so they call themselves twins. Nobody has dared tell them different.

They stare at you. Bart, big as an ox. Becks, smaller but meaner. And Bax, the muscle. As if they need it.

Bart grins like an actor in a toothpaste commercial. “What have you got?” He swaggers towards you.

Becks sneers, stepping out with Bax close behind. “Come on, squirt, hand it over,” she calls, her meaty hands bunching into fists.

Your backpack is heavy with goodies. Ten chocolate bars and two cans of tuna fish for five bucks – how could you resist? And now you could lose it all.

The twins form a human wall, blocking the sidewalk. There’s no way around them.

Seriously? All this fuss over chocolate? Not again! They’ve been bullying you and your friends for way too long. There’s still time to outsmart them before the bus leaves for the school picnic.

A girl walks between you and the twins. You make your move, sprinting off towards the park next to school. Your backpack is heavy, but you’ve gained a head start on those numb skulls.

Becks roars.

“Charge,” yells Bax,

“Get the snot-head,” Bart bellows. Their feet pound behind you as you make it around the corner through the park gate. Now to find a hiding place.

On your right is a thick grove of trees. They’ll never find you in there, not without missing the bus to the picnic.

To your left, is a sports field. Behind the bleachers, there’s a hole in the fence. If you can make it through that hole, you’re safe. They’re much too big to follow.

Their pounding footsteps are getting closer. They’ll be around the corner soon.

It is time to make a decision. Do you:

Race across the park to the hole in the fence?


Hide from the Thompson twins in the trees?