What is ‘you say which way’ next generation storytelling?

‘You Say Which Way’ stories are driven by the reader. At the end of each chapter the reader must choose which way the story goes. The new generation of  eReaders such as iPads, kindles, PCs and tablet computers enable an enhanced reader experience because making decisions doesn’t slow the action by the need to find the next section.

Are the eBooks easy to operate?

Yes. All you need to do is download the free kindle app for whatever device you own and you’re ready to go. A list of available titles is on the home page.

What age group are these books written for?

You say which way books are aimed at readers aged 8 to 12 but we are told they are also enjoyed by adults. They are fun to read to a group or used in a classroom situation. The books are filled with fun facts, nature details and even the occasional wacky math problem everyone can enjoy. Adult readers enjoy deeper context created by the addition of historical figures and other ‘educated reader experiences’.

Are these book gender neutral?

Yes. You say which way books are written in the second person so YOU, the reader, are the main character. Care has been taken to ensure the stories can be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

Are these only eBooks or do you have paperbacks too?

Yes, all the books are available in both eBook and paperback format from Amazon.com



  1. looking for a title that I read as a kid and it was awesome…. It involved wights and dragons (or maybe large dragonflies). One ending involves the reader putting on the crown of the king of the wights. Another involves the reader going down an endless spiralling hall with increasingly more attractive gems set into the wall, and losing their way (and live) to greed. Yet another ending involves the wights draining all life force out of the reader, and another involves inching one’s way along a narrow ledge while the dragonflies hit you with fire. If this sounds familiar, is this story one from the You Say Which Way series?


    • It isn’t a You Say Which Way. Perhaps a Fighting Fantasy? Does that ring a bell? It doesn’t sound like a CYOA either. Intriguing! I hope you find it. When I’ve reconnected with books I loved as a kid it is akin to time travel, meeting your old self.


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