Free Preview – The Creepy House

Creepy House Look insideShhh! What’s that noise? 

Your family got a cheap deal on a bigger house, and the day you move in you find out why. Right next door is a creepy old place that looks like the set for a horror movie. Your family says it has character but you think it might have rats …. or worse.

Your cat is locked in the spare room while the movers are going in and out so she doesn’t get lost. The cat was a bribe from your family to accept moving across town away from all your friends. She’s small and gray and came from the animal shelter. You’ve thought of the perfect name for her: Ghost.

After the movers have gone and the doors are shut downstairs you let Ghost out to explore her new home. She comes into your room as you are putting away the last of your books and jumps on your bed.

“Hello Ghost. Do you like your new home?”.

You settle down next to her with your book. It’s called Between the Stars and it’s about a weird space ship of sleeping travelers who wake up for adventures. It’s really good but you are gradually distracted by a tapping at the window. That’s odd, it’s a second story window.

There’s a tall tree just outside, it must be making the noise. You open the window and see that a branch is caught on some old wires. You untangle the wires just as you hear “Dinner’s ready!” from downstairs. Your stomach growls, you don’t need telling twice.

When you come back Ghost isn’t on your bed anymore and you can feel a breeze from the open window. As you start to shut it you see your cat disappearing inside a window next door. She has climbed through the tree over to that spooky house.

“Ghost! Ghost! Puss puss puss.”

Through tattered drapes you can make out an old fashioned bed over there. A movement in the opposite room catches your eye and then you recognize yourself reflected in a long grimy mirror. You shiver a little. There’s no sign of Ghost.

It is time to make a decision. Do you:

Go over to the house and try to get your cat back?


Leave the window open and wait for her to return?