Pirate Island – Free Preview

At the Resort.

Your family is on holiday at a lush tropical island resort in the Caribbean. But you’re not in the mood to sit around the pool with the others, you want to go exploring. You have heard that pirate treasure has been found in these parts and you are keen to find some too. With a few supplies in your day pack, you fill your drinking bottle with water, grab your mask and snorkel, and head towards the beach.

Pirate IslandYou like swimming, but you’ve been planning this treasure hunt for months and now is as good a time as any to start. The beach outside the resort stretches off in both directions.

To your right it runs past the local village, where children laugh as they splash and play in the water. Palm trees line the shore and brightly coloured fishing boats rest on the sand above the high tide mark. Past the village, way off in the distance, is a lighthouse.

To your left, the sandy beach narrows quickly and soon becomes a series of rocky outcrops jutting into the sea. Steep cliffs rise up from the rocky shore to meet the stone walls of an old and crumbling fortress.

You have four hours before your family expect you back.

It is time to make your first decision. Do you:

Go right and head towards the lighthouse?


Go left and head towards the rocks and the old fortress?