Between the Stars – Free Preview

In the spaceship

“Sleeper one two seven six do you accept this mission? Sleeper, please engage if you wish to awaken for this mission. Sleeper, there are other suitable travelers for this mission. Do you choose to wake?”

Between the StarsPassengers can sleep the entire journey if they want. They can arrive at the new planet without getting any older. First class passengers will own land and riches when they arrive but you are third class, you have nothing. Groggily, you listen to the voice. If you choose to take on a mission you can earn credit for the new planet, even freedom, but you could also arrive on the new planet too old to ever use your freedom.

“Sleeper, do you accept the mission?”

It is time to make your first decision.

     Do you want to wake up and undertake a mission?


   Do you wait for another mission or to land on the new planet?