The Sorcerer’s Maze – Free Preview

Enter the maze.

Your feet are sinking into a marshmallow floor. You take a few quick steps and find you can stay on top if you keep moving. How did you get here? One moment you were reading and now you are in a long hallway. The place smells of candy and the pink walls are soft when you poke them.

Sorcerer look insideThere is a sign hanging from the ceiling that says: YOU ARE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SORCERER’S MAZE.

But how do you get through to the end of the maze? That is the big question.

Down at the end of the hallway is an old red door. Maybe you should start there?

You take a few bouncy steps, your arms held out to help keep your balance. Getting up would be hard. You don’t want to fall.

At last you make it to the red door and try the doorknob. It’s locked. You pace in a circle to stop from sinking. When you turn back to the door you find another sign. On this sign is a question. Below the question are two possible answers. Maybe answering the question correctly will let you open the door.

The questions reads: What is the largest planet in our solar system?

It’s time to make your first decision. You may pick right, you may pick wrong, but still the story will go on. What shall it be?