Once Upon an Island – Free Preview

A little into the future.

Island - look insideThe arms of the giant squid slither and tighten around you. You struggle to pull yourself free, but the squid is strong. You gasp for air before it tugs you down into the depths of the sea. You hold your breath, but how long will you last?

How did you end up like this? If only you’d made different choices. If only you could start again.

Wait a minute – you can!

You are about to enter a story that depends on YOU. You make the decisions. You shape the story. It’s up to you, so what will you do?

Here is how it starts – but you will decide how it’s going to finish:

You have been invited to New Zealand to spend the school holidays with your cousins, Stella and Max. They are going to stay on an island called Arapawa. If you don’t want to go, you can stay with your mother’s friend.

It is time to make your first decision. Do you:

Go to Arapawa Island?


Stay with your mother’s friend?

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